Introducing Mambo Costa Rica and Tangoi Paradise

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Every good company has its mascots and Paradise Products Costa Rica could not be an exception. Today we are very happy to introduce our mascots and tell you a little bit about what you can expect from them. Each one has its own personality, functions and different reasons why they are worth keeping an eye on.

Tangoi Paradise

Tangoi Official Paradise Products Costa Rica isotype.

Tangoi is our isotype an always Pura Vida! and relaxed sloth. Its name comes from Tango India which is the name given in Aeronautics based on the International Alphabet for Costa Rica. And by the way it also reminds us of one of our favourite Costa Rican music groups, the greats of Tango India.

Tangoi reflects an important part of our spirit, slowly but surely, without the need for pomp, luxury or extravagance we reach our destination. We carry with us the context of Pura Vida, a simple life to appreciate and enjoy. Quiet as a ninja and captivating as a beautiful Sloth Bear. We live high in the Costa Rican undergrowth, he like us is one of the secrets that nature’s greenery hides and rewards those who know how to look and pay attention.

Pd. They say that there is another place with this name, we don't know, we don't know, we have never been there...

Tangoi had already been making the rounds on our social networks for a few months. In addition to our logo, Tangoi is our seal of quality and traceability. You will be able to find it (as soon as the physical fairs are back) on some products that will offer free shipping or discounts to people registered in our company.

It may also appear from time to time on the social networks of our vendors bringing discounts and exclusive promotions to Paradise Products Costa Rica members. It is always worth keeping an eye out for Mambo who will let us know where he has seen or smells Tangoi.

Mambo Costa Rica

Mambo is our General Manager of Buenas Vibras, in charge of Bienvenidas, official de-stressor. He is also in charge of our Company Chat and who will communicate promotions. In other words Mambo is our personal influencer. Our brand ambassador and expert in everything to do with Paradise Products Costa Rica.

Mambo Costa Rica
Follow Mambo on Instagram at @MamboCostaRica

Mambo will be introducing himself soon, but we can say that he describes himself as 90% Border Collie, 10% Torta and 100% Pura Vida. His hobbies are eating, sleeping, playing, eating and sleeping and lately he is developing a great fondness for walks.

As he works so hard it is common to see him sleeping, eating or playing somewhere in the office and when he is not seen it is when he goes off to nibble corners in search of new promotions.

Mambo is available for a chat in the bottom left corner during office hours. And you can also follow his adventures on his Instagram @MamboCostaRica.

Mambo is available for hire, to go and get to know the destinations, places, dishes and traditions you like. He is a product taster (anything he can eat).

You will definitely see him walking around product fairs, don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello and who knows maybe he has discounts, promotions or prizes to give away.

Mambo will be posting on his Blog Mambo Costa Rica, where he will be communicating promotions, discounts, openings and other news that catches his attention and that he thinks might be of interest to you too. He told us that this month he is bringing something to do with Canopy and Rio Celeste.

Also remember that you can download our mobile app and receive notifications directly to your mobile phone first, all Mambo posts have direct notifications.

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