International arrivals to Costa Rica fall to 1998 levels due to the pandemic.

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2020 has been a disastrous year for the tourism sector in Costa Rica, leading to the bankruptcy and ruin of hundreds of companies in what is the sector that generates the greatest dynamism and momentum in the country’s economy. With the closure of borders, the arrival rates to the country plummeted by more than 99%, leading the country to receive fewer than 850,000 tourists so far in 2020.

Figures for 2020 have been processed until August. The following graph shows the constant upward trend in tourist arrivals. And the fall over 2,000,000 in income for a percentage change of -18%. This has severely impacted the tourism sector and has clearly been on the country’s unemployment rates.

During the months of April, May, June, July and August there was a percentage drop of -99.8%, -99.7%, -99.7%, -99.9% and -99.7% respectively over the same months of the year 2019.

Most of the companies in the sector are micro and small family businesses that offer rural and community tourism services, accommodation and related services.

Costa Rica is already preparing for the 2021 tourist season that could return jobs to nearly 100,000 people, however there is uncertainty about the interest of international tourists and the state and development of the economic crisis. Hoping for an early approval and application of vaccines.

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