INS transferred more than ¢ 15 billion in profits to the central government

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This Friday the National Insurance Institute (INS) transferred ¢ 15,673 million corresponding to 25% of its profits obtained in 2019 to the central government.

This is the transfer detail:

1. ¢ 12,664 million corresponding to the payment of 25% on the profits of the National Insurance Institute, according to Law 8653.

2. ¢ 3,009 million equivalent to 5 %% on the profits of the National Insurance Institute for the Strengthening of the Disability, Old-Age and Death Regime (CCSS).

Next week, the Costa Rican insurer will also transfer ¢ 1,805 million corresponding to the payment of 3% of Net Income to the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE).

“We have insisted that public companies must be efficient, it is thanks to that efficient management, both of the insurance business and of our investment program, that today the INS can not only fulfill its commitments to clients, but also generate value to society and return significant sums of money to Costa Ricans through transfers to the Central Government and various institutions, “said the Executive President of the INS, Elian Villegas.

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