INS and CCSS create care protocol for suspected Covid-19 patients

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In order to provide an immediate response to workers covered by the Occupational Risk Policy suspected of being infected by the Coronavirus, COVID 19, the National Insurance Institute (INS) and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) established a protocol administrative-medical care.

The document states:

1. All patients with symptoms of COVID-19 must be attended at the CCSS health centers, even in cases where it is suspected that the disease presents as an occupational risk; this in order to prevent the patient from resorting to other public or private medical centers and generating a higher risk of contagion.

2. In the event that the employer issues the notice of an accident and occupational disease because there are suspicions that the worker contracted the COVID-19 virus at work, the care protocols established by the Ministry of Health (MINSA) must be followed, such as governing body of the health sector.

3. The disability that the person may require due to his illness or symptoms will NOT be issued by the Fund (because it is considered a Work Risk), but it will be stated in the health file, the need for it and the period required.

On the protection of health personnel of the CCSS:

The coverage of the risk is guaranteed under the Occupational Risk Insurance (SRT), for the civil servants of the CCSS, who on the occasion or as a consequence of their work become infected with the COVID-19 virus and in which the link is demonstrated causal, in accordance with articles 195 and 197 of the Labor Code.

Regarding the payment of services:

When the INS has accepted the case as a work risk, having shown a causal link between the COVID-19 contagion and the work it carried out, or the epidemiological link in the workplace, all the costs derived from care and that have been granted by the CCSS, will be reinstated, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code and the Regulations of Excluded Risks of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

For Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo, medical manager of the CCSS, this agreement reached with the INS shows that the institutions are working as a team to achieve the best response and protection for the Costa Rican population.

“With this protocol, it is guaranteed to safeguard the rights of the worker in the presence of an occupational risk and thus avoid greater risks due to COVID-19 infection,” said Ruiz.

The previous week, the National Insurance Institute (INS) confirmed that, upon reasonable suspicion that a worker was infected by the Coronavirus COVID-19, due to or as a result of their work, they would be treated under the Occupational Risk Policy. .

The employer is responsible for presenting the accident notice and justifying why it is a work risk, this notification can be made from the Virtual RT system and in exceptional cases, the ballot can be sent to the Health Centers of the Network of INS Health Services, for the respective assessment.

“We put ourselves at the service of Costa Rican workers, establishing three simple steps to activate this protocol, the most important thing now is that employers who suspect that there is a case of Coronavirus COVID-19 in their company, verify that the contagion has occurred for cause or as a result of work, send the accident notice by Virtual RT and the patient attend to receive care at a CCSS Medical Center, “said INS Executive President, Elian Villegas.

Actualmente al amparo de esta póliza, el INS mantiene asegurados a 1.421.522 colaboradores en todo el territorio nacional.

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