Inferno Tropícal is exhibited at the MADC from March 8 to May 1, 2021

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Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy” walks the reader through nine infernal circles before presenting Purgatory and Paradise… in the new virtual exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC); It only takes two levels and six female artists to reach the “Inferno Tropical”.

Emilia Azcárate, from Venezuela; Pía Chavarría, from Costa Rica; Aimee Joaristi, Cuba-Costa Rica; Momo Magallón, from Panama; Nadia Mendoza, from Costa Rica; and Maya Weishof, from Brazil, are the artists who, through pictorial expression, expose a fresh landscape in Latin America


The exhibition was curated by Paz Monge, Daniel Soto Morúa and José Picado, and will be available from March 8 to May 1, 2021, on the Vortic app or on the website / 2037

“Inferno tropical” is part of a set of exhibitions called Female Voices of Latin America, inaugurated within the framework of International Women’s Day 2021 and is organized by the London-based collective and platform Vortic. “We are in a historical moment characterized by the increasingly constant and diverse transitions of experiences and exhibition spaces towards the virtual world. Faced with this current global scenario, the MADC chooses to join this series of transformations and virtualize part of its programming for 2021. In this particular case with ‘Inferno Tropical’, which is developed not only with the intention of creating new relationships at the international level, but also with the purpose of sharing within the framework of said commemoration, the work and the voices of some of the regional contemporary artists with increasingly wide and varied audiences ”, expressed José Picado, co-curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition can be experienced through augmented reality on the Vortic Collect mobile app for iOS devices. In the same way, it can be visited through the website

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