INDER launches strategy for rural reactivation and food security

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The Rural Development Institute (Inder) launched on Wednesday the comprehensive strategy to support the reactivation from rural territories called “Rural Motor”, which will include a series of measures to promote productive and economic activities, as well as collaborate with ideas and innovations that are generated from the sector.

The announcement and presentation of the initiative was carried out virtually through the social network Facebook with the participation of the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado; the executive head of the Rural Development Institute, Harys Regidor and the entity’s manager, Cindy Bravo.

Within the initiative are:

  • Completion this year of 82 public infrastructure projects that Inder develops in the country for ₡ 12,410 million.
  • A special line of credit (₡ 500 million) aimed at non-profit organizations throughout the country available from today until October 31, at a single fixed rate of 2% and with a sixty-month term.
  • Non-reimbursable resource fund to support entrepreneurial and innovative ideas in the agricultural sector, constituted by ₡ 300 million.
  • More than ₡ 2 billion included in this year’s budget to support agricultural and livestock activities through its program for the Promotion of Production and Food Security.
  • Digital catalog of rural products on Facebook, a totally free platform for the digital marketing of small and medium entrepreneurs.

Inder’s executive president, Harys Regidor, thanked the institution’s board of directors for approving this strategy while detailing that the proposal contains a series of areas that include, among others, public investment, financing, commercial dynamism, promotion of production and food security.

“In recent months we have made a rethinking of the institutional work, of our responsibility with society and of our services; and we identify mechanisms that will allow us to support the generation of opportunities. Rural Motor seeks to be the one that moves the needle and energizes rural economies, thanks to a gear that covers various areas, “he added.

Coinciding with the head of Inder, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, thanked the actors for endorsing this proposal that aim to give support to the producers of rural regions throughout the country.

“It is the commitment of our Administration to give the best conditions to our producers so that, in the current context due to the national emergency, they can sustain their economies, generate employment while, with their work, they bring food to our tables hand in hand with technology and innovation ”, said the president.

Below is a summary of the different areas contained in the “Rural Motor” strategy:

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