Increase to 20 the number of United States states that can enter Costa Rica

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Eight more US states, for a total of 20, are added to the list of territories whose residents can enter Costa Rica.

The states of Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan and Rhode Island will be able to visit our country as of September 15. From October 1, if the epidemiological scenario allows it, California residents will also be able to do so.

To see the list of requierments enter here

In this way, the list of US states authorized to visit Costa Rica increases to 20, since since September 1, residents of New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Colorado had previously been announced.

“It is imperative that health protocols are respected at home, in companies, in our daily actions. The sustainability of employment brought about by the reactivation of tourism depends on it. If I take care of myself at work, but under guard in my private life, we will regress, the measures of hand washing, use of a mask and physical distancing must be permanent because we are facing a pandemic, “said Gustavo J. Segura Sancho, Rector of Tourism, when announcing the addition of new states.

Tourism generated 219 thousand direct jobs and 400 thousand indirect jobs before the pandemic.

“Tourism employment represents the human face of the economic reactivation process that we are pursuing in Costa Rica, even more so because all its activities and services are linked together as a conglomerate. Reactivating jobs is possibly one of the most important factors that make citizen awareness necessary about the prevention of the contagion of COVID ”added Segura regarding the importance of a gradual and sustained recovery in which it must defend employment precisely with these new announcements.

The opening of these new flights from the aforementioned states, especially California, will allow expanding the possibilities of tourist employment in Guanacaste, as well as other nearby regions that will benefit. The impact will also be positive for the entire country because it allows the return of airlines from the United States (the main tourist source market) at both airports.

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