Incarcerated women will tell their story through their own plays. With “La Libertad Theater Workshop”

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Art is a liberating force of the spirit and, in the case of theater, it can serve as a powerful tool to transform lives. Under this premise, the Ministry of Justice and Peace made a public-private alliance with the National Theater Company (CNT) and the actress Sofía Chaverri, to prepare women deprived of liberty from the Institutional Care Center (CAI) Vilma in these tasks. Curling.

With this agreement, which was signed on April 15, 2021, in that Desamparados penitentiary, everything was ready for the so-called “La Libertad Theater Workshop” to become operational.

The proposal consists of a series of trainings, assembly and theatrical presentation aimed at women in a custodial condition, in an attempt to allow and facilitate the development of artistic and soft skills for life, facilitating the access of this population to culture, education and recreation.

Actress Sofía Chaverri Solano, known for her role as Rosalinda in the series “Los enredos de Juan Vainas”, and for her participation in the program “Dancing with the Stars” will be leading the project.

“Theater is a noble art that knows no age, gender or social class; we only need our body. This is a symbolic way of giving these women the opportunity to express themselves freely within their deprivation of liberty, to give a voice to a population that society has forgotten. This is how theater can be a life-transforming entity, not just entertainment, ”said Chaverri.

The Vice Minister of Justice, Viviana Boza Chacón, commented that at the end of the process, the women will receive a theater training certificate. “It is important that they – people deprived of liberty – have space to channel their feelings and express themselves through art. This will open the doors for them to have the opportunity to do a theater tour to see, for example, the Melico Salazar Popular Theater and the La Aduana Theater ”, she explained.

During the process, the participants will have the opportunity to write and stage a staging of their authorship.

“They are going to build a story; created from their needs and what they want to tell, because telling stories is healthy. When we are aware of this, we can decide not to repeat stories, but, above all, to imagine possible futures. It is an opportunity to rethink our life, to use the tools of the theater in our daily lives ”, affirmed the director of the National Theater Company (CNT), Marysela Zamora, who also stressed that the theater will contribute to women deprived of liberty soft skills that can be integrated into their daily work. “It is very important because the agreement will also guarantee access to their cultural rights,” concluded the director.

Fotografía: Ministerio de Justicia y Paz

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Justice and Peace, Fiorella Salazar Rojas, and by the executive director of the Melico Salazar Popular Theater, Fernando Rodríguez Araya, on behalf of the CNT.

“Bringing theater to the prison population is to open a door in which each person can create a new version of their vision of the world, precisely to discover and develop tools to change the end of history and be aware that nothing is written in stone. Each life plan can be revised and adjusted at any time, like the script of a play; We want people deprived of liberty to take ownership of that, to participate in the project, so that they can reflect it in their own lives, ”said the Minister of Justice and Peace, Fiorella Salazar.

This project is a pilot process that seeks to systematize a correct working approach with the prison population to be able to scale this to other centers in the future. The agreement is for two years, with the possibility of renewal, and seeks to find ways in which theater and performing arts are part of the solution to the challenges facing the country.


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