INA and the Ministry of Justice will supply the CCSS with hospital clothing.  

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Starting this week, 25 sewing machines, donated by the National Institute of Learning (INA), will be heard in the recently opened industrial workshop of the Vilma Curling Comprehensive Care Center (CAI). In these new facilities, 20 women deprived of liberty will be in charge of making hospital garments for the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), necessary input to supply the institution in the national crusade against Coronovarius-COVID19.

This is possible thanks to the joint work between the Ministry of Justice and Peace, the INA and the CCSS. It arose from the Government’s call for inter-institutional collaboration in the context of the country’s health emergency. The agreement was signed this morning.

“We must intensify that sum of efforts to face the pandemic. In this specific case, it is also an opportunity for women deprived of liberty to acquire skills or abilities, or perfect them, with a view to future job opportunities, “explained the Minister of Justice and Peace, Fiorella Salazar.

The CCSS will provide the fabrics (which will be cut by the INA) and at CAI Vilma Curling the final assembly and preparation will be carried out. The Orientation department of the Center carried out an exhaustive selection process in order to have the ideal personnel to face the task. It was visited scope by scope to explore who had skills in textile work: in the first instance, they had received training from the INA or another private entity that certified their knowledge to use such machines, as well as women who have had experience because they sustained themselves. with that trade before entering there.

The new CAI Vilma Curling production and training workshop, at a cost of approximately ₡ 500 million, strengthens the opening of learning spaces in the prison system. There, those deprived of liberty will be able to practice different trades in a large and comfortable space, which also has a computer room.

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