In response to Daniel Ortega and the Nicaraguan regime.

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On Monday, May 17, Daniel Ortega, president of neighboring Nicaragua, let himself be said on the national television channel that “Nicaragua is going through a difficult situation created by Costa Rica.” Given such an outburst of verbiage, it is impossible not to make a reply in order to try to put in place the disorderly thoughts of this apprentice dictator.

The Nicaraguan regime of Daniel and Rosario have displayed a strategy that could almost be defined as comical if it were not for the extremely serious and fatal repercussions that this entails for thousands of Nicaraguan brothers and sisters.

Creada por Costa Rica dice…

Warned in time, foreseen by international news, harshly faced with the reality of hundreds of daily deaths in Europe, the Nicaraguan government allows itself to organize a massive march called “Love in the time of Covid”, an action that not even the most caustic and acid of satiriasis and humorists could have imagined. Well, this is almost an attempt at mass murder. By exposing thousands of citizens to an uncontrolled situation. Although in retrospect exposing their citizens to situations out of control has been the only keynote of their administration.

And after dozens of videos of Nicaraguan people passed out on the streets, videos and news of sealed coffins, clandestine burials, suppression of the now almost null freedom of the press, the crying and the uncertainty that each new day entails for our Nicaraguan brothers. They dare to say that the situation has been created by Costa Rica … When Costa Rica, the other countries of the isthmus and the entire world advocated making the mathematically and scientifically correct decision to flatten the contagion curve. His government chops up the powder and lights the flame around millions of innocents.

Because it is said that more than 500 people died or disappeared during the repressions of his government. Forcing thousands to escape the land that saw them born and seek refuge, many of them found it in Costa Rica. The refuge is only sought when the place of origin fails to give the human being the minimum conditions of stability. For those thousands and several hundred thousand more Nicaraguans who have been accepted by Costa Rica, offered a roof, an education and the possibility of living without an army. Costa Rica, far from being the problem, has been the only solution.


Nicaragua is the least reliable country in America with respect to Covid statistics19. As if by magic or by the actions of an oppressive government, any test carried out has an “undetermined” result. While Nicaraguan hospitals are overflowing with innocent people whose government’s actions have robbed them of even the right to breathe air. And cemeteries fill coffins sealed with victims of “atypical pneumonia.”

And the only tests on Nicaraguan citizens that seem to have an undetermined result are those that Costa Rica performs on carriers that try to enter our country. One of which was solely responsible for the infection of 18 people on Costa Rican soil (so far). Tests that have given more positives than all those carried out by his regime. And yet it seems the situation is caused by us.

The problem is not trade

Costa Rica is a country historically open to trade, from the first coffee export to our numerous trade agreements with more than 20 countries around the world. Costa Rica and those who write feel the concerns of the closed global market and are aware of the urgency and urgency of an economic re-activation. But common sense tells us that the dead do not buy and that health and human rights come before comforts and commerce.

The problem is not the transit of goods, the problem is the government disaster that our Nicaraguan brothers suffer every day and has been worth for years the flight of hundreds of their nationals to any other destination that offers any condition different from that of the Ortega Government. -Murillo have offered.

Because Nicaragua itself has refused to accept the entry of carriers that show positive results and come from their lands and once again Costa Rica has been forced to offer them, asylum, security and food. Furthermore, while Costa Rica has repatriated thousands of nationals to Costa Rica. Nicaragua has ignored its nationals stranded abroad left to their fate forgotten by their homeland.

They say we are Indians

At the end of the transmission of such unfortunate nonsense of a presidency that is increasingly lonely and in the most terrible of denials. Rosario Murillo lets herself be said with the hatred and ignorance that characterizes the regime that: “Some who think they are Europeans call them (the Nicaraguans) Indians”

Quién es Rosario Murillo, la extravagante mujer de Daniel Ortega y ...

Unfortunate it is to have to correct such aberration of anyone who has been of the unfortunate mental process that leads to suppose such fact and worse speaks of that person who before such eventuality sees the term “Indian” as an offense. Those disheveled words speak more of Rosario, since she assumes that the roots and the blood that all the Americans carry in our veins is a reason for insult or shame.

We who know how to appreciate the freedoms that democratic countries give us and have had the happiness to celebrate, enjoy and be welcomed by indigenous families and to be able to work for them. We take offense at your allusion that the term “Indian” has been seen as pejorative. On the contrary, it is a source of pride for us. Well, the blood of the Native American does not make us less. Rather, it makes us more of this blessed land, which we love and protect, to which we proudly belong.

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