Impromptu Theatre. He set out to improvise at the Teatro 1887

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Have you ever wondered what happened at the same time as those historical facts we remember? How were those stories that weren’t in the news and won’t be in the history books?

The group Impromptu Theatre asked him and out of that restlessness, came the idea of making a show that recounts these untold stories and, even better, creates them in front of the public so that they are born and die before their eyes.

This show emerged in 2016, through the idea and creation of Javier Monge, director of Impromptu Theatre. Since then, he has performed on different occasions in Costa Rica, as well as in theatrical improvisation festivals in Venezuela, Peru, Argentina and Chile, with very good reception from the public.

According to Impromptu Theatre reported, the Same Time a Show “Very playful because from historical facts presented by the public we can see different stories that occur while the historical fact occurs, but we don’t know what happened there,” explained Andrey Ramirez, a member of the group.

The show works with the technique of theatrical improvisation, which allows to create stories in the moment, and thus, each night the function is different from the previous one. This theatrical technique emerged in the 1950s, from the previous century, is trained every week for the group’s shows.

“It is an honor for us to perform at the 1887 Theatre, the stage of the National Theatre Company of Costa Rica, as it is a representative space of the Costa Rican theatrical scene,” commented Javier Monge of Impromptu.

At the same time, the play “Al Tiempo” will be available from Thursday, November 14, to Sunday, Thursday, November 24, at 8 p.m., at the Teatro 1887, located at the Centro Nacional de la Cultura (Cenac). General entrance 6.000 colones; students and citizens of gold, 3.000 colones. Reservations to tel.: 2257-8305 | 8710-0471.

Impromptu Theatre. Since its beginnings, the group was formed by Andrey Ramírez, Javier Monge and Rolando Salas; together, they are the oldest theatre improvisation group in the country.

Impromptu has 13 years of continuous work and has represented Costa Rica in tours and festivals in more than 12 countries in Latin America and Europe including: Venezuela, Guatemala, Portugal, Honduras, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain and Colombia. Moreover, since its foundation it has shared the technique of theatrical improvisation, through workshops and training processes, to hundreds of people in Costa Rica and the world.

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