Important Statement. Activation of Pandemic Protocols by Paradise Products Costa Rica  

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Paradise Products Costa Rica communicates to all its customers and readers that due to the current global situation regarding the Covid-19 virus. Paradise Products Costa Rica starts activating the contractual clauses corresponding to provisions, due to pandemics, legal blockades that can be found in article 27 of the terms and conditions of use.  

It is still safe to travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has an advanced and efficient health system and the pertinent measures are being taken to detect, arrest and treat possible cases and confirmed cases of the Coronavirus Covid-19. The activation of our health protocols is done in observance of the protection of the interests of our clients. Many of whom make reservations from abroad and may be affected by travel itineraries due to legal blockades, quarantines, and cancellations of aircraft and cruises.

For the services, activities and accommodations that require reservation, they will pass on March 12, 2020 to require confirmation of availability by Paradise Products Costa Rica, that is, immediate payments will not be accepted. The response times for acceptance of reservations may vary between 24 to 48 hours.

Products, online store and shipping

At the moment there are no effects on our product distribution system globally. However, it is possible that some shipments and purchases to Italy and China and eventually to other countries in conditions of general closure or quarantine may find it difficult to deliver or remove packages and products. If inability to send to these areas is confirmed. Paradise Products Costa Rica will move to block shipment calculations and deny the sale of products to these countries until the quarantine has ended and returns to levels and conditions where shipments are possible once again.

Stay informed.

We have enabled a new category in the blog called Covid-19, where Paradise Products Costa Rica will keep abreast of the latest events and communications that the government of the republic and other institutions of interest.

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