Important: Sanitary vehicle restriction days for plates; Easter week.

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In the framework of Easter and in the face of the national emergency situation facing the country due to the pandemic caused by the disease COVID-19, the Government of the Republic made the decision to tighten the sanitary measures issued by the Ministry of Health to contain the contagion. This without restricting access to basic services.

From Wednesday 08 to Sunday 12 April: For 5 days restrictions will apply to the movement of vehicles and exchange of services under the state of national emergency. This, in accordance with the provisions of article 34 of the Law of Emergencies and Risk Prevention, regarding the power of the Executive Power to impose temporary restrictions during a national emergency.

Except in exceptional cases, the movement of vehicles is suspended. Access to supermarkets, suppliers, grocery stores and health services and pharmacies will be guaranteed without time restriction, but the transfer by vehicle will be subject to the authorized plates for days.

All public transport is also suspended, except special transport for essential productive activities and taxi service.

-Non-circulation of vehicles on public roads. The list of exceptions will be communicated tomorrow.

-All public transport is suspended, except special transport for essential productive activities.

-Restriction to vehicular traffic with the following exceptions: access to supermarkets, pharmacies and health centers without time restrictions.

-In case of going to the supermarket or pharmacy by vehicle, only the following may circulate:

Sanitary Vehicle Restriction Easter They will be able to circulate:

  1. Wednesday: vehicles whose license plate ends in 0 and 1.

  2. Thursday: vehicles whose license plate ends in 2 and 3.

  3. Friday: vehicles whose license plate ends at 4 and 5.

  4. Saturday: vehicles whose license plate ends at 6 and 7.

  5. Sunday: vehicles whose license plate ends at 8 and 9.

On April 13, the restrictions in force today will be resumed.

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