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The Mixed Institute of Social Assistance (IMAS) will provide the emergency benefit for funeral expenses and payment of death certificate, to families in situations of extreme poverty or poverty who face a death of a relative in the hospital or extra-hospital system due to COVID- 19.

The total population of the country is under a state of national emergency, with consequences in the social and economic dimension that directly affect the families that inhabit the Costa Rican territory and causes a situation of vulnerability, inequality and impoverishment

For Juan Luis Bermúdez, Minister of Human Development and Social Inclusion, “facing together the fight against the pandemic also entails being next to the families with the greatest need when they lose a person from their family group.”

“The forecast of expenses associated with a death by COVID-19 is unfeasible for many families in poverty, for this reason we have coordinated with the health sector so that this need is not a burden in the midst of mourning,” said the hierarch.

Funeral expenses will be awarded to families in situations of poverty or extreme poverty who face the death of a relative due to COVID-19 or a factor associated with it, and who have limited financial resources to meet the basic needs of their family group and therefore they cannot bear the cost.

The attention of the family will be done as a priority through the telephone line 1322 and the Emergency line 911. The documents will be presented urgently and not in person to the electronic means available in the Regional Areas of Social Development ( ARDS) and Local Units for Social Development (ULDS).

Once the IMAS has made the monetary transfer to the funeral home, the family member must verify that said company sends the electronic invoice for the cancellation of the funeral expenses service to IMAS, to the previously indicated email.

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