IMAS offers a subsidy to fishermen by closure.

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The Mixed Institute of Social Aid (IMAS) announced the implementation of the economic, complementary and temporary subsidy of ¢ 145 thousand per month that will be awarded to 1,473 fishermen and helpers, accredited and referred by the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA). The total amount allocated reaches ¢ 640 million.

To opt for this benefit, the person must be up to date with their obligations to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS). However, due to the national declaration of state of emergency by COVID-19, this year the payment agreements between each fisherman and the institution will be taken into account.

“In the midst of this emergency situation, fishermen and institutions are required to work together so that the resources reach their families quickly. For this reason, it is urgent that those who have debts with social security approach the Caja to formalize the payment arrangements, which in addition to having extraordinary conditions, will allow them to access the closed benefit payments to meet basic needs of their family group. ”, Informed the minister of Human Development and Social Inclusion and executive president of IMAS, Juan Luis Bermúdez Madriz.

He added that the deposits will be executed the last week of each month, for which the IMAS personnel must verify the default status in order not to exclude any person who complies with the regulations and thus protect public resources.

About 1,500 people between licensees with fishing licenses and small-scale fishing assistants in the communities of the Gulf of Nicoya will be subject to the restriction, which will be in force from June 1 to August 31, agreed by the board of directors of INCOPESCA (AJDIP / 071-2020).

De esta forma se distribuye la veda que aplica en el Golfo de Nicoya.

“Taking care of myself, I take care of you.” Under this motto, the requirement of communal work by the beneficiaries will consist of applying a sectoral protocol that INCOPESCA will develop following the sanitary guidelines defined by the Ministry of Health, generating activities of education and health promotion that will result in comprehensive well-being from their families and communities.

This protocol for communal work seeks to reduce the possibility of contagion, generate healthy hygiene habits, establish communication networks and identify people at risk, which must be complied with by all fishermen who receive the help of IMAS during the closed period, who You must complete and submit an affidavit regarding your compliance.

At the same time, the INCOPESCA board of directors authorized fishing for domestic consumption in the Gulf of Nicoya during this period of restriction that orders a total pause of fishing in the communities belonging to the provinces of Puntarenas and Guanacaste.

The executive president of the institution, Daniel Carrasco, explained that those who choose to make this catch must do so by using rods, reels or hand ropes that can be used individually by the fisherman, “the product obtained through domestic fishing does not may be marketed, the hooks used must be size 6 or 7 and type J, among others, “he said.

Carrasco explained that the closure – which has been applied since 1985 to protect the resource – is comprised of a line through an imaginary straight line, “it extends from Punta Torres, known as Peñón, to the Isla Negritos Lighthouse, on the outside; and from there, to the eastern part of Punta Cuchillos, on the Nicoya Peninsula, and from that line inland, to the mouth of the Tempisque river, “he explained.

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