IMAS enables technology appointments for those who have not been able to apply to the Protect Bonus

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Starting this week, IMAS staff and other institutions across the country will provide the request for people without electronic devices or an internet connection who have not had the opportunity to fill out the form to access the Protect Bonus.

The objective is to expand access and technological orientation to those who do not have electronic devices (computers, smartphones, or tablets) or an internet connection, or whose personal situation (level of education, disability, language) represents a barrier to achieving their request for the Protect Bonus on the platform

For such purposes, the Mixed Institute of Social Aid (IMAS) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) days ago issued a Guide for Technological Facilitation, aimed at public institutions of the central government, decentralized institutions and local governments that voluntarily enable, at least one of the following services:

  • Accompaniment and orientation: face-to-face, extramural (in the field) or institutionalized service which is provided by one or more public officials who, with confidentiality, accompany the applicant at each step of filling out the application form.
  • Technological space: enabling a physical space in a public institution for the free and orderly use of electronic devices with an internet connection for people who do not have access to technology.

To provide the assisted filling service, all the protection and hygiene measures issued by the Ministry of Health (MSP) in terms of hand washing, distance between people and frequent disinfection of the place where the procedure is carried out will be followed.

“We must ensure that the Protect Bonus reaches as many people as possible, affected in the workplace by the COVID-19 emergency. Although we have made sure that people do not have to mobilize to apply for this benefit, and that has allowed us to receive more than half a million applications, we must also think that no one is left behind, “said Juan Luis Bermúdez Madriz , Minister of Human Development and Social Inclusion and Executive President of IMAS.

He added that “under security and hygiene measures, our offices and IMAS staff will be key to bringing the benefit closer to people who in one way or another do not have access to information technologies.”

The Protect Bond was created as a temporary unemployment subsidy to contribute to the social protection of households affected by the change in their working conditions and / or income as a consequence of the National Emergency caused by COVID-19.

According to Executive Decree No. 42305-MTSS-MDHIS creating the Protect Bond, the application for the benefit is individual and free. The resources transferred to IMAS will be executed in the coming days and it will be until that moment that the institution joins the execution process previously carried out by the MTSS.

Institutions with technology facilitation service enabled so far:

  • Oficinas centrales del IMAS
  • Oficinas locales del IMAS en todo el país
  • Instituto Costarricense de Turismo
  • Municipalidad de Naranjo
  • Colegio Nacional Virtual Marco Tulio Salazar Sede Simón Bolívar Palacios, Grecia
  • Municipalidad de Osa

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