Illegal workforce, sources of contamination lack of sanitary permits leave 9 companies closed in the North Zone

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The Minister of Public Security, Government and Police, Michael Soto Rojas, reported from the new command post in Tablillas, in Los Chiles, that between this Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 agricultural companies out of 49 that were inspected and of which 13 received sanitary orders.

Through a video played at a press conference this afternoon, Minister Soto Rojas explained that a total of 1,967 people were approached, of which 1,405 are nationals and 466 foreigners. Among the latter, 20 irregular people were caught working in these properties, which were placed under the orders of the Directorate of Migration and Aliens.

“We will remain in the area in constant monitoring in conjunction with the different inter-institutional representations that work for the strict control that the sanitary measures issued by the health authorities are fully complied with. We call on farm owners and agricultural companies to respect the guidelines; otherwise we will take the corresponding actions, ”said Minister Soto.

Authorities from the ministries of Health, Agriculture and Livestock, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE), police bodies of the Ministry of Public Security, as well as officers participate in the operation. of the Directorate of Migration and Aliens.

Additionally, the CCSS applied a total of 429 screenings (temperature measurements), while the Ministry of Labor and Social Security detected 7 companies that do not comply with labor provisions such as minimum wage payment, vacations, Christmas bonuses, social security or occupational hazards.

New command post in Tablillas. The Minister of Public Security announced the previous Monday the creation of a command post in Tablillas de Los Chiles, to monitor police actions in the area due to the orange alert issued by the CNE in the border cantons.

The hierarchy of Public Security reported that the objective of this command post “is to reinforce the cantons that remain under this alert, bringing more resources in the police field,” while also indicating that the institution approaches migration work from various angles. the country lives, and care and custody when required.

Officer conditions improve in the northern zone. Soto Rojas took the opportunity to indicate that the Deputy Minister of Public Security, Randall Vega, remains in the area working to improve the conditions of all the policemen who work on the Nicaraguan border.

“The vice minister has delivered supplies for officers such as masks, masks and cleaning supplies. In addition, it extended a loan agreement until September with the El Paraje hotel, where about 160 policemen are installed in very good conditions that allow social distancing, “explained the Minister of Public Security.

The hierarch thanked the Solidarist Association of Employees of Public Security, Government and Police (ASEGOSEP) for the delivery of a condensation system machine for personnel working on the northern border.

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