Hurricane IOTA hits Costa Rica with constant rain.

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Persistent rains will continue over the country. Although hurricane IOTA is rapidly decreasing in intensity, continuous rains will still persist in some sectors of the national territory, mainly in the South Pacific. For this reason, the CNE requests caution, since there is a lot of vulnerability in the territories.

In addition, the entire operational structure is kept active in the different places and permanent sessions are held with the members of the Emergency Operations Center (COE).

The CNE has declared an Orange Alert in the North Pacific, Central Pacific, South Pacific and North Zone. The Central Valley remains in Yellow Alert and the Caribbean Slope in Green Alert.CNE permanently activates inter-institutional structure since the rains will extend throughout the week in the country, since a low pressure system could cause an increase in rainfall for the weekend.

IOTA has especially affected Colombia, Nicaragua and Honduras, countries where it has made landfall. Between ETA and IOTA, more than 1,000,000 people have had to be evacuated and have suffered serious material damage. In Costa Rica, the damage is concentrated in road infrastructure, bridges, roads and highways.


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