Hurricane ETA damaged at least 296 national roads.

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As a result of the indirect effects of Eta, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) has worked to solve the 296 road problems that arose after the overflows of rivers and landslides that significantly impacted hundreds of routes in different parts of the country.

At the beginning of this week, a total of 264 events had been attended on roads, 11 bridges and 21 culvert crossings. The damages are quantified in the amount of ₡ 9,000 million.

The solution to the passage through San Fernando, in Sámara, with the placement of a buildable bridge, is the best example of the current administration’s commitment to promptly resolve these problems.

On November 6, 2 days after the undermining of this bridge on Route 934, the buildable bridge was already in place and, a week later, the passage through the area had already been enabled with a modular structure of 40 meters and with capacity to support 40 tons of weight.

With this, it was allowed to reactivate the circulation between places such as Nosara and Barco Quebrado.

This same week, the Management of Conservation of Roads and Bridges of the National Highway Council, announced the beginning of the process to rehabilitate the passage through Route 239, in Puriscal.

According to the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Ing. Rodolfo Méndez Mata, kilometers 41 and 45 of this route are seriously affected, due to landslides resulting from saturation of the land, which exacerbated the problem and caused severe damage to the infrastructure. vial.

In addition, a section of road collapsed in the Santa Rosa sector, making free movement of users impossible. This Tuesday, the works began to rehabilitate the circulation by San Martín, highlighted the hierarch.

Also, the MOPT worked intensely to rehabilitate the pass through Cerro de la Muerte, after the severe landslides in División and La Hortensia, which kept the pass closed for several days.

Likewise, on the Interamericana Sur, the damaged points in Palmar Norte have been attended to in a matter of hours, in order to maintain at least one enabled lane.

Another challenge of great magnitude is the recovery of the highway on Route 237, between Ciudad Neily and La Fuente, passing through Fila de Cal, since part of the highway disappeared in one sector.

Work is also continuing in other areas, for example in Corralillo de Cartago. At the time, CONAVI immediately responded to the emergency and maintains machinery on site to remove new material that constantly falls. The soils are still saturated, hence, preventively, the passage is closed.

Also, this Thursday work is already underway with regulated steps, after the damage to Eta on November 5, and work continues in this area of ​​Corralillo de Cartago.

Finally, work continues to rehabilitate the crossing at Juntas de Pacuar, on route 244, in Pérez Zeledón, after the indirect effects of both Eta and Iota.

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