How much does Remdesivir cost, the only anti-viral approved to fight Coronavirus.

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Gilead Sciences, the company that makes remdesivir to treat covid-19, announced in an open letter Monday morning that it decided to set a price of $ 390 per vial (a small glass bottle) for the US government. and for the governments of developed countries.

A typical five-day treatment would include six vials, which would be equivalent to US $ 2,340 per patient, that is, the complete treatment would cost 1,326,100 colones per person. Daniel O’Day, CEO of Gilead Sciences, said in the letter. The US government will continue to administer remdesivir allocations in the US to hospitals until September, the company said.

“As with all of our actions on remdesivir, we approach this with the goal of helping as many patients as possible, as quickly as possible, and in the most responsible manner. This has been our benchmark, from collaborating to finding quick answers on safety and efficacy, to increasing manufacturing and donating our supply of remdesivir until the end of June. In each case, we recognized the need to do things differently to reflect the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic. Now, as we transition beyond the donation period and set a price for remdesivir, the same principle applies, “O’Day said in the letter.

Remdesivir, currently administered intravenously through infusions, is the only medication that has an emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat coronavirus infections. Until now, remdesivir treatments have been donated to the United States government and assigned by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the states. However, the last scheduled shipments from the U.S. government of that donation will come out this Monday.

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