How many vaccines has Costa Rica received to date?

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Costa Rica has already received 43,200 vaccines from Covax Aztra Zenca and 118,170 vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer / BioNTech, which are already in the storage sites of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS). With the arrival of this batch, which is the second largest, the country has received 1,140,855 vaccines so far.

The three Pfizer / BioNTech shipments in April have exceeded 1,097,655 Pfizer / BioNtech vaccines, making it the first month since these deliveries began in December on this trend. In April alone, Costa Rica has received 347,490 doses of this vaccine.

Doctor Esteban Vega de la O, manager a. i. Logistics Department of the CCSS, confirmed that the vaccines are already in the institution’s containers and that, as appropriate, they will be dispatched to health centers to continue with the vaccination.

He recalled that, as of this Monday, April 19, Costa Rica registered the application of 698,327 doses of vaccine throughout the country. Of these, 247,734 correspond to people who already have their complete immunization schedule against the SARS-CoV-2 virus; that is, they are people who have already received both doses of the vaccine.

In addition to the Pfizer / BioNTech doses, on April 7, 43,200 vaccines produced by Oxford-AstraZeneca were received, the first delivery made by the multilateral COVAX mechanism. Thus, to date, the total number of vaccines that have arrived in Costa Rica in April amounts to 390,690 doses. See detail table.

Historial del ingreso de vacunas
FechaNúmero de loteCantidad de vacunasCasa farmacéuticaTotal mensual
23/12/202019.750Pfizer/BioNTechDiciembre: 21.450
05/01/2021333.150Pfizer/BioNTechEnero: 82.875
16/02/2021679.560Pfizer/BioNTechFebrero: 171.990
02/03/20218109.980Pfizer/BioNTechMarzo: 473.850
05/04/202113115.830Pfizer/BioNTechAbril: 390.690**
07/04/20211443.200Mecanismo COVAX

How long to go?

The arrival of this 16th delivery of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines was anticipated, as the arrival of the vaccine batches is usually scheduled for Tuesday nights. However, the notice of one day advance in the arrival of the doses was not received on time administratively. Having the respective information, it is communicated immediately.

The Government of the Republic insists on the importance of applying all the recommended sanitary measures to avoid the contagion of COVID-19, especially, at a time when Costa Rica presents not only the most accelerated increase in cases of the entire pandemic, but also also the highest number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units (ICU) in hospitals in these 13 months of the national emergency.


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