Hospitals use video calls in times of social distancing to replace face-to-face visits

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A video call turned out to be a powerful medicine for Don Saúl Quesada Cruz, 83, a resident of Calle Mora in Rio Nuevo de Pérez Zeledón. Don Saúl fell from his horse and deserved admission to the Escalante Pradilla hospital.

There he is under strict care of the health teams, but it saddened him not to see his family and to ignore how his great-grandchildren are, given that the visits to patients were suspended as a preventive measure due to the pandemic that the country is facing due to the covid-19 .

However, a tablet provided to him in the hospital allowed him to approach his family by video call and thus feel the love of his loved ones.

“What a joy to see him so well,” said Mrs. Ramona Padilla, Don Saúl’s wife.

“What a thrill; Thank you very much for making this possible, ”said Blanc Rosa, one of Don Saúl’s daughters.

Luis Martínez Rojas is a hospital nurse and it was he who lived that first encounter between Don Saúl and his loved ones.

“This is the version of technological love. If we could describe this way of communicating with an emoticon, it would be that of a happy face with two little hearts. This practice that we implement is successful and manages to infect one another, ”explained Dr. Martínez Rojas.

Love for video call

“We have two tablets provided by the institution. We are very happy because we put patients in touch with their loved ones. We have witnessed tender conversations, heartfelt sobs and we have verified that video calls return smiles to our policyholders, ”explained Dr. Marjorie Valverde Esquivel, director of Nursing.

The Fernando Escalante Pradilla Hospital suspended the visit to hospitalized patients as a measure of physical distance between people. Only accompanying minors, pregnant women when they go into labor and patients in a very delicate state are allowed.

For Dr. Joicy Solís Castro, general director of the Fernando Escalante Pradilla Hospital, this possibility that patients communicate with their families helps to distract them and leads to very positive mood swings.

“It causes joys, laughter and waste of love between each other. To see a person like Don Saúl conversing with his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren is to witness sweetness in all its splendor. Even for one it results in a motivation capsule ”said Dr. Solís.

Video calls became an excellent option for patients to communicate with families.

Dr. Roberto Cervantes Barrantes, general manager of the CCSS, said that units across the country have launched various initiatives of this type to bring family members closer to patients in times when distance is physical but should not be emotional.

Hospitals such as San Vicente de Paúl, San Carlos, San Juan de Dios, Maximiliano Peralta, William Allen Taylor, Nacional Geriátrico and México already use video calls to cheer patients up in times of covid.

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