Hospitals begin re-assigning Covid19 Beds to their traditional functions due to case reduction.

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) began the gradual reduction of beds for the care of covid-19 patients, which will allow the reactivation of non-covid health care services gradually and according to the behavior of the pandemic, it reported Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo, medical manager.

According to the medical manager, the pandemic posed challenges in the response of the CCSS that required “to adapt and rethink our institutional work to maintain basic and essential services for the benefit of our users,” he said.

The institution has made and continues to make the best possible efforts to do things well, with opportunity and efficiency so that people affected by covid-19 receive the care required according to their level of complexity, the manager said.

“We can say that no covid patient who has come for care at the CCSS, has stopped receiving care due to lack of system capacity,” he said.

Ruiz was emphatic that the CCSS has been successful in the strategy of expanding mild, moderate, severe and critical hospital beds, as well as in the reorganization of the care process from the first level of approach to the most complex, always safeguarding safety and protection of patients and staff.

Today the country presents a curve that shows an accentuated reduction in the number of new cases, reaching an average for the week of January 22 around 400 daily cases, which represents a reduction of more than 50 percent of the daily cases that were presented in the first week of December 2020.

This has led to a reduction in the demand for hospital services in general, more marked in light and moderate lounge beds, but also with a reduction in the demand for severe and critical beds. At this time, the largest generation of cases is focused on the Brunca and Huetar Atlántica regions, providing the highest percentage of patients in need of ICU care.

The manager was vehement in indicating that in the case of hospital occupancy of severe and critical beds, the decrease is less pronounced. Occupancy in intensive care units has shown a downward trend so far in 2021, going from 213 to 173 people hospitalized daily between the first and last week of January of the current year.


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