Hospital San Juan de Dios enables triage COVID19  

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The San Juan de Dios hospital set up on Thursday an evaluation and classification area for the care of patients with acute respiratory pathology, it is a “tent”, located in the emergency maneuvering yard. At this time, only those who have respiratory symptoms and who have had contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients should present themselves.

Dr. Miguel Ángel Villalobos Chaves, head of Emergencies at San Juan de Dios, indicated that the patients to be treated in this area are those with the following conditions:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Upper respiratory symptoms (runny nose and sore throat)
  • Diarrhea (in some cases)
  • That they have had or have contact with a person suspected or confirmed by COVID-19.
  • Likewise, people with these symptoms and who have recently traveled to: China, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Iran and the United States will be cared for.

Dr. Ileana Balmaceda Arias, general director of San Juan de Dios, said that the evaluation and classification area is part of the strategies that the hospital has established in the “Contingency plan for the recruitment, care and management of the patient with disease due to COVID-19 “that the hospital prepared since January, this action is being carried out to give greater security to the population, in addition, he stressed that at this time, people who have been in contact with any suspected or confirmed case with COVID will be attended- 19 and who have symptoms.

Both doctors expressed that the CCSS is prepared to deal with this situation, as it did in 2009 with AH1N1; Additionally, they called on the population so that each person activates their shield against COVID-19, through hand washing, the protocol of sneezing and coughing, not touching their nose, eyes and mouth, in addition to not using their hands to greet another person and clean surfaces.

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The assessment area is a “tent” that is equipped with two examination beds (it can be expanded as needed), vital signs equipment, thermometer, wheelchairs, two sinks, soap, alcohol, and personal protective equipment. of health that will attend to the patients.

The Chief of Emergencies explained that a doctor will be in charge of the classification (triage) of suspected cases of COVID-19 virus infection; the health personnel in charge will give the indications to each patient, and if they find a suspected case, they will make the corresponding report to the Ministry of Health, which is the authority that carries out the confirmation test through INCIENSA.

Dr. Villalobos highlighted that Emergency personnel do not have information on confirmed cases, only the Ministry of Health can indicate whether a case is confirmed or not; The emergency surgeon took the opportunity to indicate that San Juan de Dios has a Contingency Plan with the actions that the hospital will carry out to deal with cases, ranging from training on hand washing, initial assessment area to hospitalization if necessary.


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