History: The second Proclamation of Juanito Mora To Arms!

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Second Proclamation of President Juan Rafael Mora Porras

To the weapons! The moment that I announced to you has come. Let us march to Nicaragua to destroy that impious Falange that has reduced it to the most disgraceful slavery. Let us march to fight for the freedom of our brothers.

They call you, they wait for you to rise up against their tyrants. Your cause is our cause. Those who today vilify, rob and murder them, boldly challenge us and try to throw the same bloody chains on us. Let us run to break those of our brothers and to exterminate every last of their executioners.

We are not going to fight for a piece of land: not to acquire ephemeral powers; not for reaching miserable conquests, much less for sacrilegious parties. No, we are going to fight to redeem our brothers from the most wicked tyranny: we are going to help them in the fruitful work of their regeneration, we are going to say to them: Brothers of Nicaragua, stand up: annihilate your oppressors. Here we come to fight by your side for your freedom, for your country. Union, Nicaraguans, union. Slaughter your anger forever; no more parties, no more fratricidal discord.

Peace, justice and freedom for all. War only on filibusters.
To the fight then, Costa Ricans. I march at the head of the national army. I who rejoice to see your noble enthusiasm today, who am proud to call you my children, I want to always share with you the danger and the glory. Your mothers, wives, brothers and children encourage you.

Its patriotic virtues will make you invincible. By fighting for the salvation of your brothers, we will also fight for them, for their honor, for their existence, for our idolized homeland and Hispanic American independence.

All the loyal sons of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, march on that horde of bandits. Our cause is holy, triumph is certain. God will give us victory and with it peace, harmony, freedom and the unity of the great Central American family.

Juan R. Mora. –San José, March 1, 1856.
Source: Lorenzo Montúfar. “Walker in Central America” ​​(2nd edition, corrected and illustrated). Alajuela: Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum. 2000.

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