History of lotteries in Costa Rica

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In the case of the exhibition “The game of solidarity. History of lotteries in Costa Rica”, this is an exhibition that was originally put together in 2010 and in which the attractiveness of lottery tickets is evident.

Soto explained that each exhibition has its own challenges based on elements such as subject matter, amount of information and specific documents, among others. “In this case, the aim was to highlight the collection of lottery tickets, each with a wealth of graphics and colour. For this reason, a white background was chosen to highlight these elements”.

This exhibition, which will be available for loan from March 2021, also offers a glimpse into the history of Costa Rica and the aim of the organisers is that those who come to see it will be left with a desire to learn more. As an example and motivation, the designer herself explained that she did not know the history of lotteries in Costa Rica until the moment of intervening this material. She found it extremely interesting to realise that it all started in the province of Limón; she also learned about the subsequent efforts to officialise the game and the purpose of its funds, as well as the evolution of the design and security elements to avoid counterfeiting.

In addition to the aforementioned themes, the National Archive has other exhibitions on photography, the IV Voyage of Columbus, urban planning in the New World, the life of Juan Rafael Mora Porras, the city of San José, the Bicentenary of the Constitution of Cadiz and the collection of posters from the National Archive. In this catalogue you can find out about all the travelling exhibitions offered by the ANCR: Applications can be made by emailing

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