Historical integration of all the police forces to protect the borders against COVID-19

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“For the first time in history, all the bodies are working in unison together in a common goal,” said the Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto, reporting that since this morning investigators from the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) have traveled to the North and South border to join the work of protecting the border areas carried out by the different police forces.

“We know that the circumstances there are really complicated,” said the hierarch, highlighting the patriotic spirit that motivated the OIJ staff to collaborate in the current difficult situation. You motivate us to keep going in the face of an atypical event such as the one we are experiencing ”, he pointed out.

The OIJ detailed that approximately 600 agents of this auxiliary entity of the Criminal Courts and the Public Ministry will support on a rotating basis -by air, land and water- the officers of the police of the Public Force, Migration, Borders, Air Surveillance, Coast Guard and Transit.

Since March 19, these police forces have been running the Safe Borders operation 24 hours a day, in the context of the emergency caused by the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

The director of the Agency, Walter Espinoza, highlighted and thanked the OIJ researchers for their willingness to serve their country. “The police are present when society requires them above individual interests or collective interests and you are going to work together in this historic operation which makes us feel represented,” he said.


He emphasized that “you are not here because you obey a directive, but represent the sentiment of many and many colleagues who asked the Deputy General Directorate for authorization to participate in this national day, showing their patriotism.”

The magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice unanimously agreed to approve the participation of judicial investigators in border control work, until May 11 with the possibility of expansion depending on the evolution of the pandemic, requested by the director general of the OIJ in agent representation.

This morning, the vice president of the Republic and coordinator of the Northern Zone Development Belt, Epsy Campbell, traveled with the Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto, to the Las Tablillas border post to supervise the work in the operations taking place in the area. .

Previously, the hierarch thanked the Judicial Investigation Agency for its support in the emergency response to the coronavirus COVID-19. “I deeply thank this group of brave men and women who -instead of staying at home- said yes to the Homeland at a time when they need them.”

“OIJ officers will join six more police forces to protect the national security and health of the people who live in that country. This operation and its results are unprecedented in recent history. We have never guarded our borders before as we are doing now, ”added Vice President Campbell Barr.

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