Historic dialogue table closes with 58 agreements to reduce fiscal deficit.

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After 12 intense working sessions, the multisectoral dialogue table achieved a permanent fiscal adjustment of 1.40% between expenses and income (1.18% and 0.22% of GDP, respectively), after reaching the consensus of 58 agreements to based on 259 proposals reviewed by the plenary.

Added to this is an impact on the fiscal deficit equivalent to 0.80% of GDP thanks to a series of actions for efficiency that will bear fruit from 2023, largely due to the application of Digital Finance.

Finally, the one-time contributions, which serve to pay the debt and reduce the country’s commitments in this matter, are equivalent to 0.96% of GDP.

President Alvarado recalled that on October 11, both he and the President of the Legislative Power, Eduardo Cruickshank, convened this table, and despite the skepticism, they worked to respond to the people of Costa Rica.

“Nobody had an urgency to get up, but to resolve, have ethics in discussions, transparency, approach things, and not kick the ball,” said the president, stating that a good instrument has been found for Costa Rica.

“This has been a great job for Costa Rica, this is no small thing and I want to congratulate you, thank you for this job. We should be proud of our democracy, of our movement, of women, of our movements in the regional areas that are participating, to be proud of our universities, of our students, to be proud of our sector, of the social economy, solidarity, cooperatives , the unions, our employers. I am very proud of our country, “said the president.

The session was attended as observers by deputies Eduardo Cruickshank from the National Restoration Party, Wagner Jiménez from National Liberation (PLN), Víctor Morales, Laura Guido, Enrique Sánchez and Catalina Montero from Acción Ciudadana (PAC).

Cruickshank emphasized his determination that the beginning of the special sessions is the period in which the initiatives of the multisectoral table are transformed into public policies. “As president of Congress, I commit myself to seek consensus in the different fractions of the Legislative Assembly to make it possible for these proposals to become laws of the Republic,” he stressed.

President Alvarado reiterated the commitment to materialize the 58 agreements in what corresponds to the Executive Power. “We want to move the country forward and unleash all its potential for development, well-being and happiness, which is the desire of each and everyone from our different voices,” he concluded.

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