Heritage Centre opens call for entries for “Save Our Historical-Architectural Heritage” 2021

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One of the 394 properties declared historical-architectural heritage of Costa Rica, may be the winner of the XXV edition of the contest “Save Our Historical-Architectural Heritage” 2021, and will receive up to ¢200 million colones for restoration, through the implementation of the winning project.

In addition, the competition offers a single prize of ¢20 million colones for the professional person in Architecture, Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering; or for the group that submits the winning proposal. Professionals must be members of the Federal Association of Engineers and Architects and be qualified to practice their profession.

“It is an excellent opportunity for these professionals to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the national architectural heritage, while receiving an attractive economic retribution. It allows valuable buildings to be recovered and brings to the fore the discussion about the importance of restoring and maintaining in good condition those that have not been able to be restored for various reasons,” said Diego Meléndez, director of the Cultural Heritage Centre.

The Centre for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, calls for the contest “Let’s Save Our Historical-Architectural Heritage” uninterruptedly since 1997, in order to identify, research, disseminate and restore the historical-architectural heritage of the country.

In this 2021 edition, all those public and private properties, declared historical-architectural heritage, may participate, except for those that won the previous editions of the same competition.

Virtual induction talk. The Cultural Heritage Centre will give a virtual talk to people interested in participating in the event. The idea is that the participants will have some theoretical input and useful advice for the formulation and presentation of their draft project before the jury, as well as evacuate doubts.

The talk will be given on Thursday, January 21, at 5:30 p.m., through the Zoom platform. The link will later be made available on the Cultural Heritage Centre’s Facebook page.

Delivery of preliminary projects. On Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 March 2021, the Cultural Heritage Centre will receive the preliminary projects for the conservation, maintenance and enhancement of buildings that have been declared and incorporated into the national historical and architectural heritage, in order to participate in the competition. The documents will be received in person from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Cultural Heritage Centre, located 50 metres west of the Plaza de la Cultura, on the Avenida Central de San José.

Whether individually or in a group, only one preliminary project can be submitted, which must comply with the theoretical and normative parameters established in the Law No. 7555, Law of Architectural Historical Heritage of Costa Rica and its Regulations.

If it is a group proposal, a professional person in Architecture, Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering must be appointed as coordinator, as well as a substitute with the same qualities. They must provide: registration form, pseudonym form, preliminary project (written document and set of plans), digital summary sheet (PDF and JPG) and printed on paper. Likewise, a letter of authorisation from the person or institution that owns, possesses or holds the real rights to the property in question.

With regard to this last requirement, in the written authorisation, the owner must agree that the declared property be proposed to the show. For this edition, only one proposal per building will be accepted, so the participant must ensure that his/her letter is the only one presented.

Those interested can find the rules of the competition, the participation forms and the schedule on the website: www.patrimonio.go.cr. In addition, any questions or queries can be addressed to Ivannia Rodríguez White, organiser of the competition, tel.: 2010-7414 or 2010-7400, or by email: irodriguez@patrimonio.go.cr

The jury will evaluate the proposals on the basis of criteria such as: compliance with applicable regulations, the relationship of the projected with the budget, the conceptualization of the intervention and the impact, the population benefited and the sustainability of the project. Its verdict is unappealable. The winning project will be announced on Thursday 15 April 2021.


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