Heredia Symphony Orchestra and National Theater premiere their work this September 15.

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The independence of Costa Rica will be celebrated with the premiere of a special by the Heredia Symphony Orchestra and the National Theater of Costa Rica, who joined forces and will present this Monday, September 15 at 5:00 pm. the concert “Eternal feminine”, under the direction of the titular maestro Eddie Mora.

“We go back… we make music again… and we go back to our home: the National Theater of Costa Rica, the main theater in the country. The Symphonic Orchestra of Heredia is set to present two of the most important works of the universal repertoire of the twentieth century ”, highlighted the maestro Mora.

“We are happy to have the beloved Heredia Symphony Orchestra at our National Theater. An innovative approach in all its proposals, from the repertoire to the aesthetics, accompanied by the images and sounds of art as a catalyst for hope and strength. This Tuesday, September 15, OSH gives us a lesson in love for the homeland and independence. Rafa Fernández’s work “Eternal Feminine”, painted on the curtain, is the witness and stage of the concert, and pays tribute to the lesson that the Costa Rican teacher taught us, a wonderful hymn to art, so that we always celebrate culture. As we will do with the OSH ”, highlighted Karina Salguero Moya, general director of the Theater.

In this special, the public will enjoy the work “An American in Paris” by George Gershwin, which will bring us the sensuality of the blues that portrays the Parisian streets of the twenties, with its sounds of nostalgia and elegance. In the second part of the concert the orchestra will perform “El Mar” by Claude Debussy, an ambitious, modern, original work, full of orchestral colors that reproduces the sensation of water… the sensation of the sea. It is a painting made symphony. Both, in arrangements by the British Ian Farrington for chamber orchestra … a reduced format that sticks to the times we live in.

The production of Eterno Femenino required the efforts of many collaborators and arduous planning work within the framework of strict sanitary guidelines to protect the health of all participants. “We are extremely grateful for the always-on support of the National Theater, and especially with Mrs. Karina Salguero, its director, who, for example, had the vision of raising the floor of the lunette, a decision that represents a tremendous logistical work and that thanks to this due social distancing was allowed. ” Mora indicated.

The joint effort of the Heredia Symphony Orchestra, the National Theater of Costa Rica, as well as the Ministry of Culture and Youth, the Municipality of Heredia, Piano Tuning Sojo and Musitica have made it possible for the premiere of Eterno Femenino to celebrate the 199th anniversary independent living of our country. This project is a vital step for the symphonic music of Costa Rica in times of pandemic, carrying out a novel project that reactivates our musical lives, sending a positive message to our community.

The Heredia Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1962 and since its formation it has been dedicated to the performance of Costa Rican music. In addition, its 11 record productions incorporate the Latin American and contemporary classical repertoire.

“This will be the prelude to what we have prepared for the rest of the OSH2020 season, which has been adapted with its repertoire and conformation, to a reduced format that will bring chamber music, precisely in response to the times we live in,” he added Blackberry

Eterno Femenino will premiere this September 15 at 5:00 p.m. by the Facebook of the National Theater.

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