Health protocols in the face of a pandemic contribute to the reduction of cases of diarrhea

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The hygiene measures implemented by the population to prevent COVID-19 could affect a substantial decrease in diarrhea in our country.

At the epidemiological week number 14 that ended on April 4, the country has a total of 65,892 cases of diarrhea, while at the same date last year there were 91,464 cases, which means a decrease of 28%, for a total of 25,572 cases less this year.

The regions with the highest incidence of diarrhea are Central South with 21,875 and Central North with 8492 cases.

Health authorities remind the population of the importance of maintaining hygiene measures and preventive actions that help prevent the occurrence of cases of diarrhea, such as washing hands and fruits and vegetables prior to consumption. In addition, it is recommended to consume food with sanitary registration or in places with sanitary operating permits.

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