Health disaster in Nicaragua sudden deaths in the streets, infected in hospitals and sealed coffins.

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The San Juan River separates two diametrically different governments. While Costa Rica has managed to be recognized internationally for an extensive management of the Covid-19 epidemic, to date managing the lowest mortality in the continent and managing to flatten the contagion curve and even have more recovered than active cases, all without impose mandatory quarantine or march weapons through its streets.

The Nicaraguan government has instead presented an attitude of denial and criminal negligence for its citizens. The government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo have ignored the seriousness of the Covid19 epidemic in Nicaragua and, as if it were a comedy, the regime has actively dedicated itself to doing exactly the opposite of what is recommended by health authorities worldwide.

Dozens of Dead, Hundreds of Pneumonia Cases and only 16 positive cases by Covid19

The Ortega regime to date through the MINSA (Nicaraguan Ministry of Health) has only reported 16 confirmed cases. Of the 5 they have ended in death. Meanwhile, at least 7 deaths are reported in Rivas and 19 in Chinandega, all due to sudden cardiac arrests, which the government has attributed to all and any possibility except Covid19. Source Puro Periodismo

Given the emergency situation and the abandonment by the government, the Nicaraguan population has decided to impose a quarantine on itself, following the recommendations and the information that comes from neighboring countries. Faced with this, the Ortega regime, incredible as it may seem, has dedicated itself to encouraging massive demonstrations and meetings. At this point it appears that the regime is seeking to use Covid19 as a biological weapon against its own population.

Attacks against the Nicaraguan people are not new in the actions of Daniel and Rosario. In 2018, between 450 and 550 people lost their lives at the hands of the regime as a repression of citizen protests in which the government allowed automatic weapons to open fire on civilian agglomerations.

Sealed coffins.

Dozens of the deceased have been handed over to their families in sealed coffins. These coffins have in common that their deceased share respiratory causes. According to the Nicaraguan press, the hospitals heavily guarded by the Daniel Ortega military police report that although the cause of death of their loved ones is due to any excuse except Covid19.

In order to deliver your deceased relative, an immediate burial is necessary, without opening the coffin and without a wake. Meanwhile hospitals are on the verge of capacity, all respirators in the country are reported as busy and as it saysEl Confidencial, MINSA has instructed clinics and hospitals to initiate triage protocols. Rapid evaluations that guarantee treatments only to those with the best chances of survival.

Infected in laboratories, 16 infected hundreds of indeterminate tests.

With more than 48 hours without making a report or balance about the Covid situation in Nicaragua. MINSA reports that there are cases of positive people for Covid19 in laboratories throughout Nicaragua, and yet the officially reported positive cases remain at 16. According to reports, MINSA has carried out tests on its officials but does not report the results, only isolates them.

All while the number of “Indeterminate” cases grows, all tests are handled under extreme secrecy. There are no data on the number of tests carried out, nor is there any contagion traceability protocol. Much less of the state of the 26,000 tests donated to Nicaragua by CABEI.

In the current situation, the Nicaraguan government has not only exposed its people to an uncontrolled epidemic, but also puts neighboring countries at risk. In Costa Rica, for example, there was never an uncontrolled community transition and in the last week the bulk of the increase in cases has occurred in foreigners and not in nationals.

The handling of the situation by Nicaragua is worrying because without transparency in the data it is impossible to know the true dimensions of the disease and to assume what is the real number of asymptomatic cases, which are people who can transmit the disease without being detected as cases. assets.

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