Happy New Year from Paradise Products Costa Rica

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2020 was going to be our best year. We had big plans to expand to Europe, exports and strengthen our booking engine. January and February had been historically positive months in direct relation to the progress and visit of tourists to Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the virus that originated in China was not alien to Costa Rica, nor to us.

We had to say goodbye to several employees, partners and collaborators, we had to close La Casa del Cacao and with it San José lost one of its most beautiful and best-decorated places in the capital. However, it is not in us to give up.

After the avalanche of bad news that included movement restrictions, capacity reduction and border closures from both sending countries and our country. We decided to be proactive and develop a unique alternative in the country and perhaps in the world. The work was great and the challenges gigantic.

We wanted to develop a unique platform that would allow nationals and foreigners to discover the tourist offers in Costa Rica. While offering travel advice. Useful and relevant news, and at the same time being faithful to our idea of ​​fair trade, allowing us to continue our work of bringing the best Costa Rican products at the door of anyone’s home no matter where in the world they are found.

At Paradise Costa Rica we know that recovery and return to normalcy will be slow and gradual but also that it is inevitable. And with this hope is that we develop our response and tourism recovery plan to make it available to thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and Costa Rican artisans. Courageous people who have seen their lives, economies and livelihoods severely affected by the pandemic.

That is how in 2020 we find ourselves working so much harder than any other “normal” year and finally we have the result of so much effort sweat and tears on our hands. And we are ready to help Costa Rica’s prompt, quick and accurate recovery.

This 2021 we are cautious but also incorrigibly positive. Knowing the Costa Rican way of being lets us know that we will recover. We look forward to the best of this 2021 and we extend those same wishes and hopes to all of our customers, readers and suppliers. In 2021 we are ready to recover the time that was stolen from us, our ideals are the same, far from having changed they have been reinforced. Resilience is the most important characteristic of life on the planet and Costa Rica is ¡Pura Vida!


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