Guanacaste opens rural collection center

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Gone are the deals with intermediaries, the hardships of going out to place what was obtained from the sea with an uncertain destination and without processing rules, at the expense of not obtaining a fair price for fishery products.

Through an investment that exceeds ₡ 148 million between the Mixed Institutes of Social Assistance (IMAS) and Rural Development (INDER), the new Center for the Collection, Processing and Marketing of Fishery Products of the Artisanal Fishermen of Jobo, in La Cruz de Guanacaste is ready to increase the added value of the work of the families that inhabit the area.

The representative of the Association of Artisanal Fishermen of Jobo de la Cruz, North Pacific, Rodrigo Rojas, indicated that with the operation of this Center the indirect jobs of 300 families are strengthened who will improve their economic conditions, avoiding the intermediation in the placement of their products.

“We started with the planting of oysters, which, although it may not seem like it leaves much profit, and soon we will start with packaging processes to have a better presence in the commercialization,” added Rojas, after indicating that the association also brings together fishermen associated with the communities of Puerto Soley and Santa Elena.

The Jobo collection center is part of the work carried out by the IMAS through the Chorotega Regional Area which invested ₡ 118,250,000, the INDER contributed ₡ 30,000,000 in equipment and had the technical contribution of the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) and the Municipality of La Cruz.

The First Lady of the Republic, Claudia Dobles, highlighted the work of the different institutions involved in the execution of this project that will benefit the producer families, whose objective is to support the direct sale and purchase of the products they develop without need intermediation.

“By working together in the current context we face, we can move forward as a country. This project comes to give support through the inter-institutional articulation so that the families of the Jobo community can reactivate and boost their economy, ”she said.

The Minister of Human Development and Social Inclusion and Executive President of the Mixed Institute of Social Assistance, Juan Luis Bermúdez Madriz, said that the true value of this infrastructure lies in, “granting formality, quality and a fair value to what is extracted from the sea by of the families that are dedicated to fishing and, are put at the service of a community in extraordinary moments for the country, where the value of having sources of work makes the difference for the families ”.

In the first semester of this year, IMAS made an investment of more than ¢ 115,142 million, and benefited 327,527 families received care from the institution. During the same period of this year, in the Chorotega Region, the institution executed more than ₡ 11,967 million, which allowed 47,279 families to access social programs.

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