Great national dialogue begins to agree on a solution to the country’s fiscal situation.

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Sectors such as education, cooperatives, local development, workers, social, productive, political parties with parliamentary and sectoral representation and solidarity were present at the work tables.

As part of the commitment of the Government of the Republic to dialogue and listen to the proposals of the different sectors, this Friday the multisectoral working session began with the participation of about 64 organizations.

A message from the sculptor Jiménez Deredia, the athlete Gabriela Traña and the former soccer player José Francisco Porras was the beginning of the process, where the three agreed that the only way to a better Costa Rica is dialogue. “We ask that the attitude be to work together, to build and to generate the well-being of Costa Rica of peace, education and respect that we all know,” said the marathon runner Traña.

Next, the president of the Legislative Assembly, Eduardo Cruickshank, pointed out that we have the ability to dialogue in peace and reach agreements amid the turbulence of diversity and differences.

“We are able to put aside our particular interests that are legitimate; and that we make the “common good” the guest of honor during these patriotic days, “added the President of the Assembly.

For his part, President Alvarado pointed out that the pandemic has generated a multiple crisis, not only in health, but also economically. Fiscal stability has been affected and this has led to a social crisis reflected in more poverty and unemployment.

Alvarado indicated that this session will serve to define how methodologically this work is going to be quickly operationalized to build solutions.

The president recognized the disposition of Eduardo Cruickshank, president of the Legislative Assembly, for having the courage to assume this responsibility. In the same way, he thanked the political scientist Ilka Treminio Sánchez and the economist Víctor Umaña Vargas for being the facilitators of the process.

“Today is a day where we can make a difference. If we fail, we could be condemning the country or a generation, even, to a lot of pain. But if we were to be successful, as I know we are going to be successful, we could be building, not only the rebound of our economy and our society leaving this pandemic, but the conditions to achieve, which I know we can all do and that we have not yet in fact, a prosperous country of peace and a developed country. “

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