Government signs decree to disable clandestine airstrips

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This Monday, the “Law to disable unauthorized landing strips” (No. 9902) was signed, which allows the police to disable, demolish and destroy – for reasons of national security – unauthorized air landing strips.

The signing was in charge of President Carlos Alvarado and the Minister of Public Security, Government and Police, Michael Soto in an activity at the Presidential House – under strict sanitary protocols -, in which Deputy Zoila Volio, proponent of the project, participated. The Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Rodolfo Méndez, will sign the document later.

The regulation authorizes the Costa Rican state to disable, demolish and destroy airstrips not authorized by the Technical Council of Civil Aviation and defines airports, airfields, landing fields or heliports as clandestine when they do not have the right to operate, the which is granted by the Technical Council of Civil Aviation.

It also establishes that the Air Surveillance Service and the Ministry of Public Security will be the competent entities for the application of the law, for which they may coordinate with other institutions and municipalities for its correct application.

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, highlighted the initiative of Deputy Volio and thanked Congress for the approval of this bill that will undoubtedly help to fight against drug trafficking, by reinforcing the work of Public Security in coordination with other entities states to eradicate and destroy these tracks.

In addition, he made reference to the fact that, in accordance with legal provisions, in the case of protected areas, coordination with SINAC is established to carry out and supervise the natural regeneration processes in the area when a track is destroyed.

Deputy Zoila Volio agreed with the president that with this law “we are taking a great step against drug trafficking and organized crime, which brings violence, corruption, weapons, human trafficking to our country; all the evils that rot a society. We cannot forget that despite the pandemic, they continue to commit crimes and continue to organize, and that is why we must continue to complicate their routes.

For her part, the Minister of Public Security, Government and Police, Michael Soto, said that it is a tool that improves the operation of the fight against drug trafficking and will give greater capacity to the Air Surveillance Service to comply with the disablement of runways. clandestine.

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