Government sends 4,000 million colones cut eliminating 1,968 seats in the assembly.

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In a further effort to reduce spending, this Monday the Executive Power sent to the Legislative Assembly a new request for authorization to reduce spending by ¢ 4,057 million of the 2020 national budget.

This is the fourth extraordinary budget project by means of which 1,968 vacant positions are eliminated, with the corresponding economic content in the items of basic remuneration, salary incentives and social contributions associated with the positions that are eliminated from the Executive Power. The codes of posts with their respective class are also suppressed, which implies their total exclusion from the National Budget.

This reduction in spending is added to that made by the Government in the first and second extraordinary budgets for ₡ 404,438.9 million, within which the elimination of the budget content for vacant positions was included, for an amount of ₡ 80,534.4 million .

This extraordinary IV also incorporates a change in the source of financing for ¢ 3,168 million in interest on long-term internal securities in debt service.

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