Government reiterates to foreigners that if they leave the country during the national emergency, all previous guarantees will be lost and they will not be able to re-enter

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The Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto Rojas, announced that the immigration measures will last until April 30 and that this provision will continue until the end of the national emergency for the coronavirus COVID-19, while reminding that foreign people who leave Costa Rica may not re-enter national territory.

The hierarch indicated in a press conference this half day that in the event that a person was detected trying to enter Costa Rican soil illegally, they will lose their regular status in the country and they will be rejected. “We want to reiterate the message to refrain from leaving Costa Rica and respect the measures that the government of the Republic has ordered,” said the minister.

“This is a guideline that aims to protect the public health of citizens to avoid further contagion due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, let’s collaborate with the measures, let’s do our part and abide by the decree issued by the President of the Republic,” he added. the hierarch.

Additionally, he reminded Costa Rican people that those who leave the country and re-enter national soil, will be applied a sanitary isolation order for 14 days and warned that failure to comply with said order carries a fine of a base salary (₡ 450,200).

Minister Soto Rojas, stressed that the entry of tourists or people without residence in the country is not allowed and noted that the Ministry of Public Security had more personnel to monitor the borders, particularly in the northern part of Costa Rica displaced an important resource to said border.

“This will allow for greater control regarding the displacement of people who intend to leave the country, as well as those foreigners who attempt to violate the current border closure decreed by the Costa Rican government,” stressed the head of Public Security.

And he concluded that the officers will be collaborating in the review of the different public transport vehicles that are heading towards the Peñas Blancas posts in La Cruz, Guanacaste, as well as Tablillas de Los Chiles, Alajuela.

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