Government reaches agreements for economic reactivation and jobs.

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This Saturday morning, the multisectoral dialogue table continued evaluating proposals to reach consensus on economic reactivation, decent employment and the fight against poverty.

The facilitator Ilka Treminio recognized the broad participation of the representatives in this last day. “Today we are going to close our dialogue table with the full plenary, which was really one of the expectations.”

He added that “beyond the issue of agreements, this space has institutionalized a way of sitting down to negotiate and sit down to review the proposals in order to generate solutions to the country’s economic situation.”

After the signing of the Digital Finance Law, the plenary session focused on analyzing the proposals regarding economic reactivation, approving:

Access to credit. Readjust the regulations, as well as make more flexible procedures and requirements to facilitate access to credit for micro, small and medium producers / entrepreneurs from all sectors at times of affectation linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, to accelerate the process of economic reactivation and closing the gap in access to financing between men and women.

Support for SMEs. Strengthen, promote and publicize the MEIC-INA Business Development Centers program as a territorial intervention model that efficiently consolidates support for SMEs.

National Policy of Care. Promoting in a short term the issuance of a National Policy on Care with a State perspective, under a focus on rights and social co-responsibility for the long term, which allows the comprehensive strengthening and growth of the coverage of services for the population in a situation of dependency as a framework for greater access to training, the inclusion and economic autonomy of women and economic reactivation.

Identification and analysis of the labor situation in the country. A permanent mapping of the labor situation throughout the country, strengths and weaknesses is requested so that, through a technological system, training needs can be combined, find available training sites, and the necessary suppliers to join efforts in the country. .

Improvement of internet access and bandwidth. To this end, it is proposed to incorporate within the objective greater access in areas with low coverage and to provide better quality connections in homes.

Streamlining of National Route 32. The plenary asked to streamline the development of the expansion of RN 32. The representatives recalled the importance of this work and pointed out delays in the respective progress.

Improvement of SUGEF regulations. Request the revision and improvement of the General Superintendency of Financial Institutions (SUGEF) 01-05 regulation, contemplating the good practices for productive credit contained in regulation 15-16 of the same institution. In addition, it is requested to include security interests, measurement of payment capacity and the right to be forgotten.

Reduction of the digital divide. Request that the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT), the Superintendency of Telecommunications (SUTEL) and the National Telecommunications Fund (FONATEL), together with the Local Governments and the different telecommunications operators, generate a proposal to reduce the digital gap , mainly in border and coastal areas.

Digital literacy of women. Strengthen affirmative actions (economic, technical, and communicative) and impact indicators to close the gaps in the coverage of training processes and digital literacy for vulnerable women in the different training and educational programs of the State.

Use of the internet in primary education. Invest in the incorporation of information technology and the use of the Internet in the primary and secondary education system through continuous teacher training and its introduction into the study plans.

Match supply and demand for labor. Develop awareness strategies for the student population and the teaching staff to provide vocational guidance to primary and secondary school students to link labor supply and demand.


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