Government proposes to the assembly to remove the ICT from the Pay and Advance project

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Given the situation facing by the tourism sector and with the aim of the prompt approval of project No. 21794-Project for the Payment of Interest and Amortization of Public Debt, Reforms to the Law of Efficiency of the Administration of Public Resources (PAY ), the Minister of the Presidency, Marcelo Prieto; and the Minister of Finance a.i, Jorge Rodríguez, sent a letter to the Finance Affairs Commission, raising the suggestion that the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) be excluded from the PAGAR project.

“We have listened carefully to the concerns of different deputies regarding the resources that the project extracts from the ICT – around ₡ 25,804 million colones – and given the situation the country is going through, especially the tourism sector, it seems valid to us to attend said concerns ”, stated the Minister of the Presidency, Prieto.

Additionally, by virtue of the recent approval of Law 9847, which reduces the income that the Occupational Health Council will receive, the hierarchs Prieto and Rodríguez raised the need to reduce the contribution of said organ to ₡ 10 billion instead of the ₡ 18 billion, initially raised.

PAGAR was presented at the beginning of the year by the Executive Power in an immediate action to reduce public spending, since it takes resources from surpluses that the institutions could otherwise spend. “Not only does it reduce public spending immediately, but it reduces indebtedness, by preventing the State from having to borrow more to make amortizations,” Prieto concluded.

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