Government plans to deliver 9700 bags of supplies through the “Enlace de esfuerzos” program

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This week the humanitarian food distribution operation began thanks to the program called “Enlace de esfuerzos”, through which families and populations in vulnerable conditions as a result of the emergency by COVID-19 will benefit.

This week, the delivery of food to 14,700 families is planned, of which 9,700 food newspapers will be distributed in 23 cantons of Guanacaste, Central Pacific, South Zone, Cartago, Limón and in the North Zone. In addition, 5,000 newspapers will be earmarked for the first phase of care for indigenous areas in different parts of the country.

These supplies are obtained through credits in the area, which will be distributed by the members of the Municipal Emergency Committees and the support for their distribution of more than 1,300 vehicles from government institutions that join this task.

This afternoon, in addition, several trucks left with food supplies to serve 37 families from the Ngöbe Buele indigenous area in Talamanca in the province of Limón, who cannot supply their basic needs as there is no access to Panamanian supermarkets due to the closure of borders.

Alexander Solís, president of the CNE, “the placement of credits in the areas to supply food to needy families promotes the strengthening of local economies and generates economic chains of suppliers and supermarkets within the canton.”

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