Government plans to buy 640,800 more vaccines this year.

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A forecast to buy vaccines against COVID-19 to protect 640,800 more people is included in the first extraordinary budget for fiscal year 2021 that the Ministry of Finance will present this Monday afternoon before the Legislative Assembly, which is entirely dedicated to the necessary resources for the acquisition of vaccines against COVID-19.

Thus, this budget incorporates a total of ¢ 40,500 million for the purchase of vaccines, an amount that is added to the resources approved the previous year through the third extraordinary budget (¢ 7,200 million). All this will allow to vaccinate the 3,064,838 people that had already been contemplated and provisions are made to acquire additional doses in order to vaccinate an additional group of 640,800 people, who are currently not included in the groups to be vaccinated, but would contribute in the goal of achieving herd immunity.

The purchase of these vaccines is made through international suppliers using the COVAX mechanism and bilateral agreements with the pharmaceutical companies BionTech / Pfizer and AztraZeneca / Oxford University.

These resources will be added to those incorporated in article 1 of Law No. 9926, Law of Ordinary and Extraordinary Budget of the Republic for the Financial Year of 2021, specifically to the Ministry of Health, which transfers them to the National Emergency Commission (CNE) so that they make purchases expeditiously, under the legislation that governs it.

According to the financing request made by the Ministry of Health, the cost of vaccines, depending on the mechanism used, is the following:

  • For doses acquired through the COVAX mechanism, the cost will depend on the supplier or suppliers chosen by the country, at an average cost of $ 10.55 per dose, which is recommended by the international organizations involved.
  • Doses purchased through AstraZeneca have a cost of $ 4 plus transportation, so a maximum of $ 5.00 per dose is reserved to include this rub.
  • As previously reported, the 3 million doses purchased through the Pfizer company have a cost of $ 36,000,000, including transportation to designated storage sites in the country and without considering any taxes.
  • Provision for additional doses is calculated at the same average unit cost of $ 10.55, recommended for Covax

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