Government of Costa Rica adds measures to contain expenses

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Cuts in expenses, use of the differential in the price of fuels, a bill for high wages and going to multilaterals to obtain financing lines are the four actions presented in the Legislative Assembly.

The Economic Council is working on the proposals but stated that there is no final decision regarding the thresholds and the amounts of the proposals.

Government works on public investment plans and new post-pandemic employability profiles.

This Thursday the Government announced new economic actions before the Legislative Assembly and the people to face the impact that COVID-19 causes to the Costa Rican economy.

As explained by María del Pilar Garrido Gonzalo, Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy and Coordinator of the Government’s Economic Council, it will seek to cut all expenses in the public sector that are not vital, such as travel.

In addition, the proposal was presented to use the differential in fuel prices and what is decreasing, and to resort to multilateral entities to obtain financing lines that allow us to ensure continuity and the adequate response to the pandemic.

Lastly, work is being done on a bill for a solidarity tax on high wages that would be temporary and would apply to the public and private sectors, aimed at those who earn high, fixed wages and have job security and stability at the moment.

“Within the Economic Council, we are delineating the organization and contribution of the highest salaries in the private and public sectors, as well as capital income, so that they contribute to leveraging the need for greater resources and to face the attention to this emergency. It is a proposal that is being valued at this time. It is intended as one of the measures that would eventually be presented to the Legislative Assembly and that today we share with the deputies to jointly reach a decision, “said the leader.

Likewise, long-term measures are being worked on with public investment plans, new employability profiles, and various projects that would be submitted for consideration by the deputies.

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