Government is betting more selective taxes as a way out of the crisis despite the OECD criticizing excessive public spending.

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“The wealthiest will be the ones who most support the way out of this crisis. Solidarity and union are the key ”

“The reality today is very harsh, difficult and painful for thousands of families due to the pandemic and the unemployment it has generated. But, in honor of the challenges that our ancestors faced and overcame, we are not going to lose the verve, strength, courage and conviction to face the calamity that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, “said the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, in his speech during the extended Governing Council in the framework of the celebrations of the 199th anniversary of Independence.

The president highlighted the similarities of this pandemic with the cholera of 1856, the year in which the country fought for its independence, since we are not only battling with COVID-19 but also against unemployment and against the weakness of public finances accumulated over many years of not solving the problem.

In 2018, Costa Rica made history by passing the Law to Strengthen Public Finances, which was beginning to bear fruit to restore the health of public finances but the pandemic came to halt progress.

The President of the Republic stressed that the government has carried out a deployment, not only health, but also economic to mitigate the effects that COVID-19 has left us.

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