Government initiated payments of the “Protect Plan”

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The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, instructed that the first payments to an approximate group of 33 thousand people will be started this weekend, which will be covered with the available budget.

Also, this afternoon, the President together with the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Geannina Dinarte, and the Minister of Human Development and Social Inclusion, Juan Luis Bermúdez, signed the decree of creation and regulation of the Protect Bond, which was announced last Thursday, April 9.

The signing took place at a virtual press conference on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, which took place from the Presidential House.

At this moment, ¢ 16 billion are available, which will allow covering a total of some 46,600 people affected by COVID-19, whether they were fired, have temporary contract suspensions or are reducing their working hours, as well as working people Freelancers who have seen their income decrease due to the pandemic.

As of today, more than 389 thousand applications have been received and a total of 245,800 people have been notified that they are in a process of analysis for approval or not.

“We have made an important inter-institutional effort that has allowed us to make a digital tool available for the reception, analysis and approval of requests for this financial assistance for the people affected in their work. We have before us the transcendental challenge to a significant number of people who have submitted their applications and who will be receiving the approval notifications of the Protect Bond. For this, progress in the approval of the extraordinary budget presented in the Legislative Assembly is vital, since this will allow for an important increase in coverage, ”said Dinarte.

Once the extraordinary budget has been approved, the resources will be assigned to the National Employment Program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and to the Program of Promotion and Social Protection of the Mixed Institute of Social Aid.

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