Government declares confluence of the Sarapiquí River with the San Juan River as a site of historical commemoration

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The initiative arose from the Costa Rican Morista Academy, supported by the authorities of the Municipality of Sarapiquí and that, in conjunction with the First Vice Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Culture and Youth, through the National Commission of Historical Commemorations, the Museum Historico Cultural Juan Santamaría, the Center for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Public Education, joined forces to achieve the signing of decree No. 42707-MCJ-MEP.

“This decree reinforces the joint work that we have been developing by the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Culture and Youth, in favor of the enhancement of heritage, memory and the recognition of our multiethnic and multicultural condition. In the case of Sarapiquí, we developed the process through the Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum, the entity in charge of the knowledge and the collection related to the Campaign of 1856-1857 with its long relationship with the study programs of the Social Studies subjects and Civic Education of First and Second Cycles.

The Directorate of Culture and the Center for Artistic and Cultural Production are added, within the framework of our contribution to the integral management of tourist destinations and the activities to commemorate 2021 events, ”said the Minister of Culture and Youth, Sylvie Durán Salvatierra .

The battle of La Trinidad represented the beginning of the second war stage of the National Campaign 1856-1857 in Costa Rican territory, in particular the battles of Sardinal and La Trinidad, which occurred in the Sarapiquí area on April 10 and December 22, 1856 , respectively, as well as the subsequent seizure of the Vía del Tránsito occupied by a troop of filibusters at the site of La Trinidad. The eviction of the filibuster army reaffirmed the Costa Rican identity and sovereignty.

The Costa Rican Morista Academy expressed its satisfaction and gratitude to the Government of the Republic for having accepted its initiative to decree the protection of the Historic Site of La Trinidad under the State patrimonial regime, a decision that will stimulate, not only the rescue of the historical memory of the momentous events that occurred there, but also the visitation to the site and the stimulus to the local economy.

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