Government announces labor measures in the public sector to combat COVID-19

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Given the emergency that the country is going through, the government of the Republic announces two new actions to mitigate spending in the public sector: the permanence of a maximum of 20% of officials in the institutions and the abstention from the salary increase are the actions announced by María del Pilar Garrido Gonzalo, Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy and Coordinator of the Government’s Economic Team.

By means of a guideline, the Central Administration is instructed and the Decentralized Administration is urged to establish a basic operating service plan, so as to guarantee the continuity of those tasks strictly necessary to ensure the institutional public purpose. For these purposes, institutions may require the assistance of a maximum of 20% of their total return.

The basic service plan must be submitted to MIDEPLAN within 48 hours from the effective date of the guideline.

Non-required personnel must:

  1. Apply the telework modality in everything since it is teleworkable.
  2. Grant vacations to all those servants who have accumulated periods of vacations.
  3. In the event that the servants do not have accumulated periods, they are authorized to advance vacations.

On the other hand, for this year the annual increase will not be made to the public servants that the Government of the Republic authorized, through Executive Decree 4212, excepting the police forces of the Ministry of Public Security and Governance.

“At a time when civil servants make extraordinary efforts, tenacious and even beyond their hours, to combat the emergency, we deeply appreciate the mystique and solidarity. The priority is health and protection of life. We work to flatten the epidemic curve to reduce the frequency of infection, pressure on hospital services and protect our public servants, especially those who have risk factors. It is also up to us to make an effort to have more resources for hospital care and to protect those who have been affected by their economic situation as a result of COVID 19. Union, solidarity and strength will be key to overcoming this challenge, “said Minister Garrido.

The executive president of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), Román Macaya, explained the urgency of following the guidelines established by health institutions regardless of their age because the four people in intensive care are 36, 38 , 49 and 54 years old.

The doctor explained that the institution is implementing various strategies so that patients receive care without having to personally attend health centers.

“We have telephone, indirect, virtual assistance, Whastapp groups, delivery of medications at home and other options so that our patients do not have to go to hospitals or health areas and thus reduce exposure to vulnerable groups,” said the hierarch.

Regarding the sanitary vehicle restriction of 10 p.m. at 5 a.m., the decree is effective as of this Tuesday, March 24 with several exceptions (see attached document)

Those who do not comply with the restriction are exposed to the traffic fine of ₡ 22,187.93 colones.

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