Gordon Ramsay regrets third UK lockdown from Costa Rica security

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The chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay lamented on his social networks the third general closure in the United Kingdom from his social media accounts. While he also appeared in the photograph of the Mirna soda in Puerto Viejo Limón.

Speaking to the press, Kisha Moore Bent, the owner’s daughter, Yorleny Bent, said Ramsey arrived around 1:20 p.m., unrecognizable in a cap. She thought she had seen him on television and asked her colleague if she knew him. When the colleague said he was the MasterChef guy, the penny fell.

According to Kisha, Ramsay loved his lunch (which came to less than 7,000 colones), saying it was incredible.

“It was an excellent visit because he was charismatic, calm, you see him as a normal person,” said Doña Yorleny later on.

“He ordered rice and beans with chicken and tripe, and said the food was very good. For me, the secret is making it with love, because if one does not do things with the will, it is better not to do them at all.

“It’s a humble soda and that’s why we’re happy, because you know hese types of people usually go to more extravagant places. We’ve been here for 22 years, we use family recipes, and people who come always tell us we were recommended to them. ”


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