Get to know the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe de Nicoya in a documentary by UNED

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Consulted the current stewards of the Brotherhood about the value of the National Prize for Intangible Cultural Heritage Emilia Prieto 2019, for the Festival Our Lady Virgin of Guadalupe de Nicoya, commented:

In the case of Ruth Barrantes, she stated that the Brotherhood has struggled for years to obtain this award. “For us, this award has been a blessing from God, because that will help us to buy land that is on par with the Brotherhood; since the current one is too small for us ”.

In the case of Fajardo, he states that “it is no secret to anyone that this type of award, what he does is precisely this: to be a showcase, not only for Nicoya, but for tradition. People have been in charge of seeing the efforts of many years to keep alive the custom, the tradition and, especially, for the virgin; they are results in recognition of hard work. ”

The ceremony for the delivery of the award that the Brotherhood obtained for its tradition, was scheduled for May 2021, where the winners of both 2019 and 2020 will be awarded, this, due to the current situation due to the pandemic of the COVID-19. The economic recognition for the Brotherhood was delivered in May 2020.

How is the Brotherhood organized?

The organization of the Brotherhood of Our Lady Virgin of Guadalupe is made up of the mayordomos, the confreres and the priostes.

Cocineras preparan los alimentos para la celebración. Foto: Diego Fajardo

The stewards are a couple of responsible people, in charge of planning the way in which they will get the funds for the festivities celebrated at the end of the year. These are elected every year, on December 12 by means of a vote in which only female brothers over 15 years of age are involved. The function of raising funds is that all the food and activities offered to the community are free.

In the case of Barrantes and his son, Diego Fajardo, also the current butler of the organization, they comment that they have carried out various activities in order to raise said funds; Among them are: the raffle of a heifer, the realization of a chinamo during the patron saint festivals, sales of lunches and private donations from different people, plus a contribution made by the municipal government of the town.

Next, there are the cofrades, who are people who work within the Guild itself with tasks related to its organization, such as preparing food for holidays, decorating and preparing the place, among other aspects.

The priostes, according to Fajardo, have the function of “helping the mayordomos to find the cattle that will be used throughout the celebration, to give food to the people”; Another of the functions of this range is to look for cocoa to make an indigenous drink called Tiste.


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