Fourth successful cesarean delivery to patient with Covid.

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The San Juan de Dios hospital reported that this Tuesday, at 9.48 a.m., it successfully carried out the second cesarean section of a mother positive for covid-19 at that medical center. The youngest, named Emma, weighed 2,430 grams at birth and both she and her mother are in good condition.

As explained by Joaquín Bustillos Villavicencio, head of the Obstetrics Service, and doctor who performed the caesarean section, this is a woman from Alajuelita who entered the hospital on Tuesday morning, 37 weeks pregnant, the procedure lasted 50 minutes and both they rest stable now in joint housing in the covid-19 unit.

The authorities of the hospital hope that this Wednesday Emma and her mother can graduate. With this birth, there are four caesarean sections that have been carried out successfully in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) for women positive for covid-19, two in the Mexico hospital and two in San Juan de Dios.

The Fund provides permanent support to covid-19 positive patients through local levels and the Center for Strategic Development and Information on Health and Social Security (CENDEISSS) and thus ensures that they can receive the most timely care.

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